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This is a growing list of books, movies, podcasts, and comics I’ve consumed that have at least one LGBT+ character. At some point, I will write detailed reviews for some of these.

If you have any favorites I didn’t list, let me know and I’ll watch/listen/read! Maybe they’ll get added.

Looking for advice on how to write GSM/LGBT+ characters? Listen to our Writing GSM Diversity episode. Looking for more stuff Kit likes? Check out her article on masculinity in Uncanny Counter here, or her solo episode about recontextualization here.

*M is for mature content. E is for everyone. Some of the M is only mature at times, some of the E has innuendos.*


Title MaturityGenreWhat’s to likeReviewed
Karen Memory,
by Elizabeth Bear
MSteampunk, Wild WestLesbian sex worker in a lightly steam-punk Wild West. Sisterhood. First person pov.


TitleMaturityGenreWhat’s to likeReviewed
ElixirMFantasy, Roaring 20’s, Alt-HistoryLesbian love, enemies to lovers, friendships, sisterhood, family, gender-fluid character
The Asexuality PodcastMEducationalTwo asexual people dispel myths, talk love, and explain what being ace is like irl.
The VelaMSci-FiSeason one is great. Season two hasn’t started out with much promise. One main character is a sexually confident trans lesbian refugee. The other main character is a non-binary ace (probably, there have only been platonic relationships so far). Poly relationships, excellent storytelling, good character work.


TitleMaturityGenreWhat’s to likeReviewed
The Naked KitchenMContemporary, RomanceShows the growth of a love triangle into a (possibly) polyamorous arrangement.
The HandmaidenMRomance, Mystery, ThrillerGorgeous filmmaking, 1920’s Korea, who’s deceiving whom, lesbian love and sex scenes. Based on Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith series, but set in South Korea in the 1920’s.


TitleMaturityGenreWhat’s to likeReviewed
Mage and Demon QueenMRomance, AdventureStarts off weird with a ‘mommy’ fantasy, but quickly drops that bit. Lesbian romance, forbidden love.
Life Outside the CircleERomance, Slice of LifeTrans man, gay community, unexpected love, coming out, adults, starting a family.
Freaking RomanceMRomance, FantasyBFF is gender-fluid, main character is bi.
Woman WorldESlice of Life, Alt-PresentAll the men are gone, only women are born. People run around naked, talk about all kinds of bodies, all kinds of love.
Miss Abbott and the DoctorMRomance, Alt-1800sFun and weird. Learning how to love, feminist. BFF is lesbian, there are gay male characters.
Circuits and VeinsEFuturistic Romance, Sci-FiAndroid and human fall in love. Chronic illness. Living in poverty. Which beings deserve basic ‘human’ rights. Sweet love.
Waffles and PancakesMCollege, Friendship, Slice of Life, HumorDaily life of two probably hetero best friends (platonic). One might be ace. There are no romantic overtones between them, just good friendship.
EmpyreaEFantasy, RomanceShipping the prince and his bff. Series has gone on hiatus, but will hopefully come back and show them getting together.
Blood-InkMFantasy, Action, RomanceLesbian crush, lots of action (not a feel-good comic).
The Witch and the BullEFantasy, Mediterranean, Romance, AdventureEnemies to lovers. Loving depictions of all kinds of bodies and all kinds of love.
Not So Shoujo Love StoryEHigh School Romance, HumorFunny. Subverts genre tropes. Budding lesbian love at the forefront (we’ll see). Strong female friendships.
LUFFERomance, Alt-PresentMC has two potential true loves; love triangle or poly v??
Crown of FeathersMAdventure, ActionLove between mens. One definitely pansexual/bisexual male. Not a romance comic, though.
Brimstone and RosesMRomance, Fantasy Present, AdventureBi main character, fat representation, enemies to lovers.
Lore OlympusMRomance, MythologyIncludes ace characters. Excellent art and storytelling.
My Dragon GirlfriendMRomance, Fantasy, Alt-PresentAlmost every character is female-presenting and LGBT+.
Love Me KnotERomance, Fantasy, Alt-PresentSome bi characters.
Cursed Princess ClubERomance, AdventureLearn to love yourself. Gay characters, healing, familial rejection and reconciliation. Effeminate and beautiful men.
The Four of ThemEHigh School, Friendships, RomanceCute. Main character’s sister starts dating main character’s crush. Coming out, changing identities, love and acceptance.
BoyfriendsMCollege, Romance, Slice of LifePoly romance between four gay lovers. Also a friend group that’s a lesbian poly quad.
The Princess’s JewelsMFantasy, Romance, ActionSeriously mature. Haha. Delicious poly romance with a strong princess at the center. She’s gunning to be the next ruler, with her posse of super handsome and talented lovers behind her
My Dictator BoyfriendMFantasy, Romance, AdventureMain character is gay. Trans characters, gender ambiguous characters, so many gay men,
Brass & SassEHigh School RomanceBFF is gay, has a successful gay romance.
Men of the HaremMAdventure/Action, FantasyEmperor installs a harem of male lovers to secure her power and support her rule. Will she choose one (or more) to be her consort?
Adventures of GodEHumor, Slice of LifeSatan is gay, so God keeps sending him men to date.
BOO! It’s SexMEducational, Humor, Slice of LifeA bi ghost educates her living housemates on all matters sex and relationships.
Nice to Meet YouECollege, RomanceReally cute main character with ADHD, potential love triangle shifting to poly triad (i ship, i ship, i ship), bff is gay.

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