S4, E12: Process- Writing Environment

We talk about what we have in our writing environment, what helps, how we get in the zone, and how we each feel about writing in public. 

Check our instagram for pictures of our writing spaces (including the tree/leaf thing Kit mentions). We’d love to see your writing setups, too! Post a pic on insta and tag us @writeratworkpod. 

**Quick update since we recorded this. Cate is now using a Supernote to keep all of her work stuff and writing/editing organized. Kit is back to using regular paper notebooks for planning and outlining, and Scrivener on laptop/phone for actual writing.

Buncha links this time! We aren’t getting paid for these; they’re just things we find helpful.

Inkarnate (for maps): inkarnate.com
donjon (for maps and demographics): donjon.bin.sh
Bose noise cancelling headphones: https://a.co/d/hzduQfv
Revision Wizards (Cate’s other podcast): revisionwizards.com
Neil Gaiman interview: https://youtu.be/iHPKTby9z6o
Rocketbook (reusable notebook): getrocketbook.com
Supernote: supernote.com
Scrivener: literatureandlatte.com

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